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We advocate food and agriculture policies and practices that enhance the health and welfare of people and animals, improve the working and living environment, promote equity and enrich society and culture.


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Oxfordshire hospital kitchen closures could cost local economy £3m every year

The closure of hospital kitchens at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust will mean that more than £1 million of food which can currently be spent on fresh food will now be spent instead on ready meals, creating a loss of more than £3 million in economic benefits for Oxfordshire communities. This includes the loss of local jobs and withdrawal of vital business for local businesses.

Support Sustain's campaign and sign the petition to halt the closure of the hospital kitchens

Calls for ban on sale of junk food and sugary drinks in hospitals

The British Medical Association, NHS England, MPs and leading physicians call for a ban on the sale of junk food and sugary drinks in hospitals in order that the NHS leads by example to help tackle obesity and chronic diet-related disease.

Take action to improve the healthiness of hospital food by supporting Sustain's campaign.


Donate an Easter egg to the Children’s Food Campaign

Here's our very own ‘Sugar Swap’ for Easter. Buy one less chocolate egg, and give the money you save to help support the Children’s Food Campaign instead. Help us now!

Join the sugar march

Join the Landworkers’ Alliance (LWA) as they celebrate Via Campesina’s International day of Peasant Struggle,  by marching on British Sugar PLC to expose the inequality and problems inherent in our industrial food system. Government support of big agri-businesses, like British Sugar PLC, threatens the health of our communities and the quality of our environment. And we’re subsidising exactly the wrong sort of agriculture. The March starts 1pm, 29th April from Bury St Edmunds train station.


Junk food marketing petition hand-in

Over 30,000 people sign petition to ban junk food adverts before 9pm watershed

First Horsemeat Prosecution

The Food Standards Agency have welcomed sentencing in first prosecution relating to the 2013 horsemeat scandal. A slaughterhouse owner from West Yorkshire was fined £8,000 plus legal costs for failing to comply with food traceability regulations. A slaughterhouse manager was given a four-month suspended sentence for falsifying an invoice. The FSA have set up a Food Crime Unit to prevent and prosecute food fraud.


Which? survey reveals sugary truth about cereal bars

Consumer group Which? is calling for clearer nutrition labelling on cereal bars, having found that some contain over 40% sugar. Which? say that some cereal bars make claims about health benefits and do not use traffic light nutrition labelling on the front of packs making sugar, fat and saturated fat content clear. Which? looked at 15 cereal bars and breakfast biscuits including some marketed directly to children. See also Sustain's Children's Food Campaign.


Fabian Report on Food and Poverty: A Recipe for Inequality

The Fabian Commission on Food and Poverty have released an interim report showing UK's low income households are being pushed towards a food crisis. The Commission finds that while most of the population have access to better diets, those on low incomes are being left behind. The report shows that some low income families are spending over a third of their budget on food. The Commission argued this squeeze on budgets led low income families to less nutritious diets higher in fat, salt and sugar. In addition the report found that child obesity is rising in low income households, with those on lower incomes one and a half times more likely to get diabetes than those on higher incomes.


Scottish Food Commission Announced

In a bid to improve diet related ill health, the Scottish Food Secretary Richard Lochhead has announced the 16 members of the new Scottish Food Commission. Scotland has one of the poorest diet-related health records in the world. The Food Commission, set up in the wake of the Good Food Nation report and consultation, hopes to help reverse this. The chair has been announced as former head chef Shirley Spear who will be working with industry, education and public health experts to improve the country's attitude to food. See also Sustain's work on food and farming policy here.


'Save Our Antibiotics' in Parliament

The Alliance to Save Our Antibiotics organised a meeting in the UK Houses of Parliament to highlight the global crisis in antibiotic resistance. The group called for a target for reducing farm antibiotic use by 50% by 2020, a ban on preventative mass medication in feed or water (except for where disease has been diagnosed) and annual surveillance data on the human health impacts of antimicrobial resistance. Sustain is part of the Alliance to Save Our Antibioitics


Ofsted to inspect school food

The new Ofsted framework, to be introduced in Septebmer 2015, will include a judgement on how schools encourage pupils to keep healthy, including healthy eating initiatives. In a letter to the All Party Parliamentary Group on School Food, Ofsted said that their inspectors would visit school canteens and kitchens as well as asking about cooking classes and lessons in healthy eating. They said they wanted to make clear their commitment to school food and healthy eating and that they would be working alongside the School Food Plan to train Ofsted inspectors.

See Sustain's work to improve food in schools


First cities in the UK to be awarded sustainable food city status

Brighton & Hove, Cardiff, Plymouth and the London Borough of Lambeth have become the first places in the UK to be awarded Sustainable Food City status, recognising pioneering work promoting healthy and sustainable food. A rapidly growing movement is mobilising people in towns and cities across the UK transforming access to affordable and sustainable food as members of the Sustainable Food Cities Network.

Hospital food campaign BBC award nomination

Campaign for Better Hospital Food is nominated for a BBC Radio 4 Food and Farming Award in the Best Initiative in British Food category.

Good Food at Work

How your organisation can improve the food within your office environment, to benefit staff, and help create a more sustainable food and farming system fit for the future.

Time to come clean about hospital food

Why the government must hand responsibility for monitoring hospital food to an independent body.

Making more of the money we spend on hospital food

Why the government must apply higher standards to hospital food



Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming

Sustain advocates food and agriculture policies and practices that enhance the health and welfare of people and animals, improve the working and living environment, promote equity and enrich society and culture.